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Mining Trucks and Lighting Tower OPEX Savings

Mining Trucks and Lighting Tower OPEX

A Mining company in Western Australia was investigating ways they could reduce their OPEX spend on their truck haulage fleet and lighting towers. 

Case Study:
The Approach:

A study was completed to confirm the benefits of increasing the service interval of the lighting towers on site.

The Solution:

The oil sampling was regularly tested on site out to ~1500 hrs. The operator came to the conclusion that they would now service their lighting towers every 4 months not every month as previously preformed.

The Results:

This new service interval has now saved the customer ~$120,000 per year on 23 units. The customer is now planning to roll this out to numerous sites across their portfolio to help minimize their annual OPEX spend. Its anticipated with 400+ lighting tower, the new service interval could save the customer over ~$2,000,000 per year. At the time of writing the truck haulage fleet was still being reviewed with oil samples being tested to 1750+ hrs. We anticipate similar OPEX savings to the lighting towers.

Based on 12 services per year

Part NumberQuantityMoving Price
Oil Filter40022961$6.78
Air Filter, Outer407274881$28.31
Air Filter, Inner407710801$26.59
Fuel Filter400826461$5.79
Alternator Belt406132271$14.80
Oil-Rimula R6 10W40204173248 litres @ $5.70 per litre$45.60
Labour3 hrs @ $150 p/hour$450.00
Total Cost per Service per unit$577.87
Total Annual Cost to Service 1 unit$6,934.44
Cost per year on 23 units$159,492.12
Cost based on 3 services per year$39,873.03
Cost Savings Per Annum  $119,619.09
Environmental Savings in Oil1656 Litres

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