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Mining Camp

Mining Camp

A Mining company in Western Australia was looking at ways to save on their diesel spend . Super Smart Energy were engaged to review/identify a solution to support their corporate goals. Due to the remoteness of the camp and the very high diesel prices, numerous power generating solutions were to be considered.

Case Study:
The Approach:

A study was completed to ascertain if a solar/ battery / diesel hybrid solution would be cost effective compared to a diesel only solution.

Project Requirements:

• 450-person camp
• All amenities such as gym, dry/wet mess, admin and mangers building, laundry, training room, pool area, ice room, landscaping, lounge/game area etc…
• Communications
• Region D cyclone, Cat 2-4.

The Solution:

A 3MW solar asset was designed to capture most of the daytime load on the diesel generators during the day.

The Results:

A Solar, Battery & Diesel Solution will provide strong financial results for the project. Not only will the project save on diesel costs per year, the added benefits of reduced Co2 emissions and OPEX spend all help to confirm the need for a Solar, Battery & Diesel Solution. The estimated savings for a Solar, Battery & Diesel Solution are $15,000,000 over 10 years and $33,000,000 over 20 years.

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