Super Smart Energy

Unlocking operational insights and creating new possibilities


Super Smart Energy

Super Smart Energy is an innovative and solutions driven company
specialising in the implementation of conventional and advanced
equipment used in the industrial and mining sectors to unearth
company changing cost saving solutions.

Solutions for every business

Diverse Capabilities

We let the data do the talking. Our powerful data driven systems identify “energy wastage”. By using data intelligence, we guarantee improvements to the efficiency, productivity and sustainability across your business.

Areas of Expertise:

Minerals and Aggregates

Industrial Minerals Bulk Commodity Minerals

Precious Metals

Rare Earth Metals​

Power Generation

Ensure your business is running at peak performance and reduce operational costs.

Energy Efficiency, IoT & Automation

Identifying energy saving opportunities through process optimisation.

Software & Communication Solutions

Full visibility of assets on site to drive operational and productivity improvements.

Fleet Management

Machine data that will empower users to make informed decisions when managing their fleet.

Meeting your needs at every life stage

Our Process

Our knowledgeable and experienced subject matter experts develop a bespoke solution that matches the needs and financial objectives of your project.


We collectively Identify your most important objectives and put a plan in place to deliver operational improvements to your site.


Upon reviewing the data and speaking to key personnel, we collate this information to shape a solution that delivers significant value to your project.


Our bespoke solution is implemented at your site to deliver productivity and reliability improvements.

Follow Up

After 60 days we review the data to confirm the increased reliability, productivity and cost savings.

If we want to know the future,
we need to create it now!

Abundance by Peter H. Diamandis

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